Neighborhood Watch

We are a Neighborhood Watch Community. "FBI statistics show a 30-50% reduction in crime" for a community with an active Neighborhood Watch program. Please do not to invite trouble; Burglaries/robberies are more likely to occur when home or car doors are left open or unlocked. Neighborhood watch addresses many areas of concern for our residents including vandalizing, speeding, cars parked in the street on dangerous curves or on both sides of the street or for consecutive weeks/months, trespassing, and dogs constantly barking at all hours or pooping in your yard.
911- Not Just For Life Threatening Emergencies. Please call 911 to report any violation of the law, including any suspicion of a violation of the law as well. Err on the side of caution and allow the police to determine whether an actual crime has been committed.

The Non-Emergency phone number for Cobb County Police is 770-499-3900. You can also follow the web link by clicking the highlighted Cobb County.